In Deer class we are committed to our learning and becoming the best we can be.

A regular day in our class would include maths, english and spelling with one or two topic subjects in the afternoon.

I encourage the children to read as much as possible as books are a means of taking you anywhere, you just need to find the right door!

We aim to create an enjoyable productive learning environment, where the children can express themselves and be who they want to be.

D -  determined

E - enthusiastic

E - engaged

R - respectful

T - together

E - everyone

A - achieves

M - more

#teammozack - we believe in ourselves and always try our best 

Spring Term

Welcome to Spring Term! Another exciting term ahead with lots more wonderful learning opportunities. We will be studying the Egyptians as our core focus; Egyptian history, the River Nile and the geographical features of Egypt and our class story book is 'Secrets of a Sun King' by Emma Carroll, which will be excellent at linking all of our learning together. The enrich our learning we will be visiting the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge where the children will explore Egyptian artefacts. 

Spring term is also the Year 3/4 play, we will be announcing soon what the chosen script is going to be.