Welcome to Deer class.

In Deer class we are committed to our learning and becoming the best we can be. We know that we learn from our mistakes, and we’re encourage to have a growth mindset in order to overcome challenges.

On a regular day in our class we settle down with an early morning activity before chanting our time tables, ready to beat our previous time during TTRS. We then have a Maths, English and Spelling lesson. After lunch we enjoy our class story before our wider curriculum lesson. This year we are blocking our learning, which gives us the chance to explore one subject in depth over 2 – 3-week periods. For example, all of our afternoon lessons could be Science where the children build upon and apply their knowledge, they have recently learnt that week.

The children have P.E twice a week, where one session is with a Sports coach and French is taught by a French specialist once a week every half term.

We are extremely lucky in year 4 to have our own iPads that we use to support our learning. The iPads are used in most lessons and we are grateful for having different apps to share what we have learned. ‘Socrative’ is used regularly for quizzes to retrieve knowledge learned and ‘ChatterKid’ is one of our favourite apps to recall facts.

In year 4 it is extremely important that the children read every night and look up the meaning of new vocabulary to share with the rest of the class. We love learning new vocabulary to use within all of our writing. This year to support the children in finding books that they enjoy we are reading around the world. The recommended reads are from different countries which are displayed on a world map in our classroom. I wonder which setting and culture will be your favourite?

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