Welcome to Year 5 and Hares class.

Year 5 forms part of our Upper Key Stage 2 and is the beginning of the transition of pupils from primary to secondary school. Throughout year 5 and 6 pupils develop greater independence and begin to have routines, for example homework and responsibilities, which starts to prepare them for the systems at secondary school. 

A typical day in Hares class will involve a maths and English lesson, a maths meeting, a spelling and a timestable session as the core subjects, in addition the children will study a full range of other subjects; science, history, geography, art, ICT, music, PE, RE, French and PSHE on a rotating timetable. The children have discrete grammar and arithmetic lessons taught once a week, but the knowledge from these is embedded into all aspects of their maths and English learning.


English is taught through high quality class texts that inspire, engage, challenge and promote questioning and ultimately enable the children to create a range of fiction and non-fiction English pieces to be proud of.

This spring term we are read The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd and The Man Who Walked Between The Tower by Mordecai Gerstein. Both of these books are city locations and have linked well to our geography work looking at urban settlements. To support this work we are taking the children into London to take a 360 degree tour on the London Eye – let’s hope we don’t end up with the same problems laid out in the book!


Our spring focus is on fractions, decimals and percentages. Converting between them and comparing them. FDP make up a large proportion of the Yr6 SATs tests and it is therefore important that the children are well prepared for handling these. The journey within maths as the week progresses allows children to practice the method, solve problems, devise and create their own problems and most importantly explain and justify methods and workings out.

In addition to the core maths lesson we practice our times tables daily, and in order to do this we use a program called TTRockstars. A typical TTRockstars session involves chanting and singing (and a lot of dancing and dabbing!) before undergoing a 3 minute practice session that mixes up straight multiplication and the inverse division relationship…all whilst listening to some classic rock tunes! The children love this method of learning and already in half a term we’ve seen huge successes in speed and accuracy of recall.

The overall aim in Year 5 is to ensure all children are appropriately challenged in all subjects; with a focus on explaining, applying and justifying. The learning environment is encouraging, inspiring, motivating and fun and there are always high expectations of the children.