• Foxes

    Foxes are a Year 6 class taught by Mrs Hannah Tyzack

    Welcome to Year 6 and Foxes class.

    Year 6 is an exciting time for all of the children as we develop greater independence and establish routines, for example formal homework and responsibilities, in preparation for the systems at secondary school. 

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  • Hares

    Hares are a year 5 Class taught by Mrs Sarah Morris

    Welcome to Year 5 and Hares class, this term we are listening to; 

    - Nkosi Sikelel : ANC anthem 

    - 12 Songs that shaped the struggle (with lyrics and translations) apartheid

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  • Deer

    Deer are a year 4 Class taught by Miss Sophie Jolland

    We are Deer class, working as a team, playing as a team, we are Year 4!

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  • Otters

    Otters are a Year 3 Class taught by Mrs Jane Warner and Mrs Pip Ratcliffe

     We are otterly outstanding!

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  • Squirrels

    Squirrels are a Year 2 Class taught by Mr Matthew Thomson

    Welcome to Squirrels Class.

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  • Hedgehogs

    Hedgehogs are a Year 1 Class taught by Ms Clare Hager.

    Welcome to Hedgehogs class.

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  • Robins

    Robins is taught by Mrs Kerry Taylor.

    Robins are our youngest class with all of the Reception children. 

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