• Summer Holidays

    Posted on Thursday 18th July 2019

    We wish all staff, children and families of Wickhambrook Primary a wonderful summer.

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  • Food and Farming

    Posted on Saturday 16th February 2019

    Otters class had a super day learning about where their food comes from, handling the animals and watching machinary at work! 

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  • Lacrosse

    Posted on Tuesday 5th February 2019

    What a fantiastic new sport we have had the opportunity to learn! 

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  • FIRE, FIRE, call the fire brigade!

    Posted on Friday 25th January 2019

    What a treat to have the Wickhambrook Fire service come and talk to us.

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  • Always Club

    Posted on Tuesday 1st May 2018

    A great Always club, fantastic children enjoying thier 'always' treat! 

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