Dear Parents


As part of the relaxation of restrictions, the Government has allowed play parks to open from 4th July (this is the earliest that they can open).  The parish council is working hard to carry out all the equipment inspections and complete the necessary risk assessments to ensure that when our play areas are opened, you and your children can enjoy the equipment as safely as possible, and keep transmission risks to a minimum.  For these reasons, the play areas will remain closed until 18th at the earliest, and we’ll let you know as soon as we are ready to re-open them. 


We’ll be asking to you to consider other families by limiting your visits to one hour at a time, to ensure that everyone has some time to enjoy the play, and at the same time ensure that social distancing is maintained as far as possible.  We’ll also be asking you to bring your own hand sanitiser and wipes (and dispose of your used ones at home), and to wipe the equipment items down before your children use them and/or ask your children to wipe their hands with sanitiser before they use the play equipment.  In order to maintain social distancing, and where we think it is going to be difficult for equipment to be cleaned, we may have to take some play items and seats out of use.  These will be marked clearly with tape. 


We hope that this helps and provides you with a measure of re-assurance that we’re doing everything we can to ensure that children of the parish can play and socialise safely after the long period of social isolation, and that in this way we can avoid an increase in community transmission.