A Brief History

The Wickhambrook Primary Academy Parent Teacher Association was formed in June 1981. Over the years it has organised fundraising events and was instrumental in the addition of the swimming pool, the adventure playground, the outdoor classroom and playground markings. In 2020 the PTA was rebranded to Friends of Wickhambrook Primary Academy (FoWPA) to include the wider community.  The PTA is currently led by FoWPA Chair Natalie Jepson.

Our Aims

  • To coordinate fundraising and social events for many important extras, helping the school to offer a wider range of activities, equipment and social interaction to enhance our pupils’ education and experiences
  • To enable parents to further engage with their children within the school environment and encourage a two-way exchange of information and viewpoints
  • To help parents meet parents
  • To foster relationships with the wider community
  • To be a support to parent, child and school
  • To have fun whilst doing all of the above

How do I become a member?

The first step is the easiest as everyone who joins the school automatically becomes a member but the next step can also be the hardest for any parent…to come to a meeting. It can be daunting for one person to enter a room full of unfamiliar faces. But take that step and hopefully you will find the current FoWPA committee a friendly, welcoming group of similarly minded parents, who will make you a cup of tea and listen to what ideas you have to offer.

What do I have to do?

The academy relies on volunteers and the FoWPA is an opportunity to become involved in various academy activities. Without your support the FoWPA would, put simply, not be able to function and so it aims to involve as many parents as possible at various times throughout the year through organized fundraising events and activities. You can be involved as much as you are able. If you’re a confident type you might like to volunteer to organise a mini fundraising project or you may just be happy to be a helper and be around to turn on the tea urn and make cups of tea at parents evening.…the important thing to know is that ALL help and time given is very much appreciated.

A new committee member’s view

“As a new parent to the academy I was asked if I would consider joining the PTAand take on the role of producing the PTA Newsletter. I decided this would be a good way to be involved in school activities with my child and also have a say about where the fundraising was spent, as well as give something back to the school that I attended as a child, and my son is now a pupil of. I also felt that, even though I am already friends with several mums, joining the PTA committee would be a way of making new friends and I’d enjoy the social aspect.

I attended the AGM in September and found everyone to be really friendly and enthusiastic about what they were doing. I don’t think I have ever been to a meeting before where people are so keen to be Chairperson!! Having sat on other committees it was pretty much as I expected and I am now looking forward to working with some like-minded people and making some great new friends.”

Next purchase


The Future

It is a challenge for any committee to keep fresh and come up with new, popular fundraisers and pupil activities that will appeal to teachers, parents, pupils and the wider community.  With this in mind, we are always looking for new parents and carers to join us.  If you have just a little time, please do join us!