Our Core Values

A core value is a central belief which is understood and shared by every member of the school community. Core values arise out of what we believe to be important about people, about society and about learning and knowledge.

At Wickhambrook Primary Academy our Core Values are:


Acknowledging that achievement can take many forms and all achievements, no matter how small or insignificant, should be celebrated. We should be ambitious about what can be achieved.


Recognising that success requires sustained effort and commitment from everyone.


Staying strong when things go wrong and maintaining a positive ‘can do’ attitude in the face of adversity.


Developing self-respect, and respect for others. Promoting inclusion, and appreciating and valuing the diversity of people’s circumstances and backgrounds.


Taking responsibility for the way we lead our lives; how we use our talents, rights and opportunities.

Our Aims

At Wickhambrook Primary Academy our Aims are:

  1. To create a safe, happy family atmosphere that promotes a commitment to lifelong learning.

  2. To educate children with a broad, balanced and memorable curriculum with opportunities to develop and achieve physically, socially, morally and spiritually.

  3. To encourage children to develop an awareness of their roles and responsibilities in our school, in our wider community and for life in modern Britain.

  4. To enable children to be respectful and considerate towards themselves, others and the environment.

  5. To instil courage, perseverance and resilience to embrace new challenges, experiences and opportunities.